Live-Stream 24 h Performance “not alone 2.0”

26. March 2021, 10:00 Uhr

Im Schaufenster des Pöge-Haus Saals zu sehen:

Eine 24 stündige online Live Performance aus dem Biergarten des Ilses Erika!Genauer, aus dem Biergarten Pavillon. Geschützt hinter Glas.

“not alone 2.0” ist eine Performance zweier Tänzer:innen und einer Harfespielerin. Inszeniert von Maeshelle West-Davies.


Lou Thabart
Donna-Mae Burrows
Babett Niclas

April 2020 found much of the world going into lockdown due to the Corona virus pandemic. Created in June, not alone, funded by Kulturamt Leipzig, addressed the way we reached out during our time alone. Nearly a year later, we still find ourselves a captive audience with time on our hands. The virus is not the only danger. Our main means of communication with the outside world is controlled by algorithms. It reflects our state of mind. Click on one smiling rescued squirrel and get lots of heart warming animal stories in your facebook feed. Get into a death scroll of conspiracy theory and you may find yourself storming the capitol of the United States.

Live-streamed from behind glass windows for the public to safely watch, not alone 2.0 is a 24 hour duration performance. Isolated, two dancers and a harpist find themselves caught in an algorithm controlled by artist maeshelle west-davies.

not alone 2.0
by maeshelle west-davies

lou thabart
donna-mae burrows
babett niclas

Reconnect Performance Festival
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26 & 27 March 2021

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Re-Connect Online Performance Festival

24 hour duration performance
streamed live from
ILSES ERIKA glass house

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