BullFight KinoFilm

7. May 2018, 19:00 Uhr - 10:00 Uhr

Dokumentarfilm zur Geschichte und Aufklärung gegen die Grausamkeit der Bullenkämpfe in Spanien. Der Regisseur Iago Prada wird anwesend sein und in eine anschließende Diskussionsrunde überleiten.

Millions of people happily go to bullfighting arena’s all over the world every year. Voluntarily. Because of tradition. Because it’s entertainment. Thousands of bulls are killed for “sport”. Director Iago Prada and his crew put seven HD camera’s and ten ultra-directional microphones in the bullring. Unlike what you see and hear on television and radio broadcasted bullfights, festive music and sports commentaries will be entirely absent.

“This is not a documentary to please the public, but a documentary that shows the fight as it is: with pain, agony and death.” Iago doesn’t want to disguise reality. He doesn’t want dramatic music or an emotional voice-over. BULLFIGHT brings six bulls to the screen, shot in close-ups, with animalistic sounds and a purely scientific explanation of what is happening to them as the “matadores” start their atrocious game.

An anarchist and activist, Iago Prada opts for a documentary that speaks for itself, without interfering (a very bold move that certainly will spark some discussion) or sentimentality. Raw and not for the faint of heart, but with a very clear goal: to stop the madness of bullfighting.

Iago will introduce the documentary and provide an exposition afterwards with pictures by Almudena Eced and the weapons used to provoke, stab and kill the bulls. We’ll end with a director’s talk after the screening. There will also be some anti-bullfighting merchandise (t-shirts and stickers) present.

Filmdauer: 121 min
Empfehlung: FSK 16
Sprachen: englisch mit deutschen Untertiteln

Siehe auch: https://bullfight-doc.com/en/